2021 QuiltCon Community Outreach Quilt

As QuiltCon Together has now officially come to a close, we thought we’d share our finished Community Outreach (formerly known as Charity) Quilt with everyone!

This year’s quilt presented a unique situation as we have all been apart due to the pandemic. So, with that in mind, we gave our members a very broad framework in which to make their blocks – minimum 9″ blocks with at least one curve and makers could use as many or as few of the included fabrics. Blocks could be created using any technique that the maker wanted to use. Chosen fabrics were cut, put into 2 block kits, and then mailed out to members who wanted to participate.

Blocks were made by 26 guild members and were all mailed back to our charity coordinator Kristyn Jansen who trimmed them all to the same size. They were then arranged and assembled into the quilt top by Jen Collins, Colleen Molen, and Kristyn at a distanced sew day. We then handed off the quilt to member Chris Broehmer who longarm quilted it for us. It then went back to Kristyn to be trimmed, faced, and then photographed for submission.

San Diego MQG 2021 QuiltCon Community Outreach Quilt (Front)

Quilt Statement:

San Diego Modern Quilt Guild – “Twists and Turns”

In this unpredictable year of together apart, our members were challenged to create blocks of the same size using curved piecing and to use any technique that they would like to achieve the curved element in their block. They were not given any direction beyond “include at least one curved element.”

We did not know what these blocks would look like or how they would work together with such a broad prompt, but they came together to create flow and movement throughout the quilt. Though we’re not physically together to create, we’re many voices still able to make connection with a shared purpose.

Quilt Details
Quilt Back and Facing Detail

Written and posted by: Kristyn Jansen


Charity: Bow Tie Blocks and Potholder Challenge

Bow Tie Blocks

For our first trimester, we will be taking quilt donations of all sizes for the Ronald McDonald House. As part of this trimester’s project, we will also be assembling group quilts made from blocks made by guild members. We have quilt block kits available for members – we will mail them out to you and then you will send them back once completed.

Our block for this trimester’s project is a Bow Tie Block, which are based on a tutorial by Cluck Cluck Sew. Each kit is made up of two blocks – one with a solid background and one with a print background.

Instructions for the blocks will be included in the kits. Blocks are due back to Kristyn by the March 14th guild meeting. We still have about 10 block kits left – if you’re interested in sewing some blocks, please email Kristyn at with your name and number of kits.

Potholder Challenge

We sent a small donation of potholders to the Holiday Baskets program at the end of the year and they were thrilled to receive them and asked if we would send more for the upcoming year.

We’re challenging you to make a potholder to donate to this program – we have purchased the InsulBright batting that is needed for the potholders and can provide that for you. This will be a ongoing project for this year, as the potholders will not be donated until the end of the year, so join in at any point in the year!

We are asking for potholders that are around 9″ or so – we will be sending out 10″ squares of InsulBright material. This project is perfect for any orphan blocks that you might have lying around!

Not sure how to make a potholder? We’ve got a couple helpful links and our own Sue Bouchard has put together a quick tutorial for you as well, which will be available below.

Potholder Layers:

  • Top
  • InsulBright
  • Cotton Batting (100%)
  • Back

Note: Please make sure to use natural fibers (cotton/linen) as polyester will melt.

Potholder Resources:

Potholder With Hand Pocket

Patchwork Rounded Corner Potholder

If you’re interested in participating in this potholder challenge project and are in need of InsulBright, please email Kristyn at and include the amount of InsulBright squares you would like. Any other questions about this project can also be emailed to Kristyn.

Posted and Written by: Kristyn Jansen


QuiltCon 2021 Group Quilt

The 2021 QuiltCon Community Outreach (formerly charity) Quilt has been planned and was announced at this past Sunday’s guild meeting. If you missed the initial post from the MQG, this year’s theme is curves. The chosen color palette is in blues and oranges and the following is the palette we have chosen to use for our quilt:

We are asking members to make 9″ unfinished blocks (a little larger is ok as those can be trimmed down) that contain at least one curved element in the block. You can use any technique to make the block: pieced/template, improv, applique, ect. The block can be machine or hand sewn, depending on your preference or technique choice. Here are a few examples:

If you want to join in, but maybe haven’t sewn curves before (or need a refresher) or aren’t sure where to start, make sure to sign into your Member Account on The Modern Quilt Guild site and click on the “For MQG Members” tab. Under that tab is a link that says “Patterns, Webinars, & Articles” and there are some great webinar videos on curve sewing.

How to Get Involved:

  • We have block fabric kits available for members to sew up. Each kit will make two blocks that are 9″ unfinished.
  • You must commit to sewing and returning the blocks by the week of the October meeting – week of October 11th.
  • Limited amount of kits are available, so if you’re interested, let us know as soon as possible!

If you’re interested in sewing up some blocks for this group project, please email Kristyn at – let her know that you’re interested in sewing up a kit and include your address so that she can mail the block kit off to you. Other questions about this project or any other charity questions can be sent to her as well.


Just In Time (JIT) Group Charity Blocks – Improv Triangles

Our charity program year is broken up into trimester projects and as we’re currently into the second trimester of the year, it’s time to present our JIT My First Home group project.

We typically provide fabric and kits for members to take, sew up, and return to our Charity Coordinator Kristyn, but seeing as we’re all sewing at home for the time being, we’re asking for this group project that you use fabric from your stash for these blocks. If you are in need of fabric in this color palette, please email Kristyn at to make arrangements.

A little about the JIT My First Home Project:

JIT is an organization that helps support those in San Diego County, ages 18 – 26, and is for anyone that has ever spent time in the foster care system. They provide various services to these individuals to help them break the cycle of foster care, become self-sufficient, and build a secure future.

We support the My First Home project, which helps to set up a first apartment and furnish that apartment for each individual. Our focus for this trimester is on throw and bed sized quilts. Quilts should be 50″ x 60″ or larger.

Our block for this trimester is an Improv Triangle block. You can create these blocks using various methods, but here’s a quick and easy way that makes two blocks at once.

First, here’s our color palette of blues, aqua/teal, greens, and yellows with light greys and low volume. Feel free to use any type of fabrics, solids or prints, as long as they fit in within this color range.

Blues, aqua/teals, greens, yellows
Light greys and low volume

Next, you’ll want to cut two pieces of fabric that are the same size and layer them on top of one another. The two pieces can be any two colors from the color palette.

These pieces can be a square or rectangular, just make sure they’re the same size. They can be any size you’d like to make – want to make large 12″ blocks or small 4″ blocks, go for it! The triangle you cut from the fabric can also be any size – make it tall and narrow, or short and wide, or anything in between.

Once you have your two pieces layered, you’ll be making two angled cuts on your fabric. The first should be cut from top to bottom on one side, then slide that to the side so that you don’t cut into those pieces with your second cut. Make the second cut on the opposite side so that you have the other side of your triangle.

Swap your center triangle on each block so that you have the background in one fabric and the triangle of the second.

Sew up your block using a 1/4″ seam, press your seams to the side, and then trim any bits that over hang the edges. (For reference, these blocks are approximately 5.5″x6.5″)

We’ll be sewing these blocks through August, which is the end of our trimester. When you’ve completed your blocks, please email Kristyn at to make arrangements for either pick up or to mail them to her. Any other questions about this project or any of our other charity efforts can also be emailed to Kristyn.


Quilt Donations for Wildfire Relief Efforts

In response to the wildfires occurring in California, several organizations are collecting quilts to be given to those effected by the wildfires. Eternity Quilt Events is collecting quilts to be donated to those impacted by the Camp Fire in Northern California. Sewing Arts Center in Santa Monica is also collecting quilts that will be donated to those impacted by the Camp Fire as well as those impacted in Southern California by the Woolsey Fire.

We will be collecting quilt donations at this Sunday’s (11/25) sew-in at Quilt in a Day, as well as at our holiday party on 12/2 that will be sent off to help with these relief efforts. Quilts can be dropped off with Kristyn at these two events and if you have any further questions, please email her at

More information about the Eternity Quilts Effort can be found here.