Charity Program

Charity Quilt Label

Charity Quilt Label

From the very beginning, the San Diego Modern Quilt Guild has given back to our community by providing comfort and support to those in their time of need. We know that a cheerful quilt can not only brighten someone’s day but serves as a virtual hug. Given the remarkable level of growth the SDMQG has seen in the last couple of years, we have formalized our charity activities and developed a framework to facilitate and support our members’ ability play a larger role in the support of our community.

Beginning in 2016, the SDMQG has adopted a trimester system in which the guild focuses its charitable efforts on a specific organization each trimester of the year. The first two months of the trimester are focused on starting a new group project. The third month of the trimester will feature a charity sew-in during the open sew time following the monthly meeting. The final month of each trimester will show off the completed group projects as well as a serve as a time to collect individual contributions to the featured charity. The quilts will then be donated to the featured charity.

Charity Sew-In

Charity Sew-In

Yearly schedule

January and February – New project

March – Charity sew-in day

April – Donation Day

May and June – New project

July – Charity sew-in day

August – Donation Day

September and October – New project

November – Charity sew-in day

December – Donation Day

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