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June 2023 Meeting Recap

We were so happy to meet up once again, after a two month pause for Easter and Mother’s Day. Below is a summary of our meeting and of things to come. 


Per a vote of the membership in attendance, we are going to start our monthly meetings at 11:30 am instead of 12 noon. This will allow for more time after our meetings conclude for sewing time! See you at 11:30am on July 9th. 


Holiday Party – we have a new venue! 

Our president Nancy has secured her community clubhouse for Sunday Dec. 3. Located in Carlsbad, not far from Quilt in a Day, it looks like a wonderful facility. Mark your calendars now! 

SDMQG Retreat 2024 

We have reserved our spot again for next year’s retreat. It will take place from May 30 – June 2, 2024 at Vina de Lestonnac Retreat Center, Temecula. It is so much fun, and a great way to get to know your fellow members better. Pencil it on your calendar! 

3rd Quarter Challenge 

Janine announced that our third quarter challenge, due at the Sept 2023 meeting, will be “Americana” themed. Flexibility is huge – as Americana can be whatever YOU feel it is. It does not have to be red, white and blue. Also, it can range from a quilt to a wall hanging, a table runner, a clothing item, etc – whatever Americana item you made and wish to share. 

Block of the Month 

A group of interested members met after the regular meeting wrapped up to discuss a potential BOM. Janine is facilitating this large group, and will email updates and information as needed. It was agreed that everyone would come to the July meeting with a completed first block. The pattern can be found at or check out the Instagram hashtag for more inspiration.

Postcards, Scrappy blocks! 

Our first and second quarter challenges resulted in many creative items, and we had excellent participation. We collected a lot of scrappy blocks for a charity quilt, and several participated in the postcard exchange. Good results all around!

Monthly Member Spotlight 

Kristi Schmits was our June spotlight speaker, and she shared decades of her quilting results with us. She started out young – at age 12 – sewing clothing, and it just grew from there!

Charity 2023

Ronald McDonald House (January – April) – Update!

Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Diego provides a “home-away-from-home” for families with children being treated for serious, often life-threatening conditions at local hospitals. In May we delivered 28 quilts for their patients. Thanks to all who donated a finished quilt or helped to finish up an in progress one from the guild stash. 

If you missed this donation, fear not! We usually make at least two donations during the year, as we collect quilts throughout the year for this and the other organizations we support. All sizes of quilts are accepted for Ronald McDonald House. 

Second Trimester: Just In Time (May – August) – My First Home Project 

Our second trimester (May – August) focus is Just in Time for Foster Youth (JIT) and their My First Home Project. JIT serves transitional youth, those 18-26, who are aging out of the foster care system. We support their My First Home Project, which helps to provide those everyday items that one needs to furnish a home, by providing throw and bed sized quilts. 

JIT Group Quilt – Tunnel Blocks 

For our group quilt this trimester, we will be making Tunnel Blocks using this tutorial from Stitched In Color. Blocks can be made at home using your own fabrics – all pre cut kits have been claimed. For these blocks, we will be sticking with the same gradient style as in the tutorial (dark center out to a light outside), but feel free to create your gradient between shades of the same color, within a set of colors, or between different colors. If you’re unsure if you have a gradient (or close to one), a great way to check your values is to take a picture of what you’re working on and then edit it to be in greyscale. A lot more fabrics are more of a medium tone than you realize! 

General guidance for fabric colors is to stick to blender types of fabrics so that the overall color can be read and avoid fabrics that have multiple colors within one print. Blocks are due back by the August guild meeting (August 13) either in person or can be mailed back to Kristyn.

For the blocks, please follow the cutting/sewing directions on the blog post and use a standard 1/4″ seam allowance. Several people worked on these blocks during the guild retreat earlier this month, so we’re off to a good start already! 

2024 QuiltCon Community Outreach Challenge Quilt 

The theme and palette have been announced for this year’s challenge quilt (check this link for all the details and specifics) and we have been challenged to create a quilt with symmetry with colors from the following palette: 

As this is termed as a community project, we are working on this as a whole group (or with as many people that want to contribute). We discussed at the meeting if this is something we want to move forward with and the general consensus was that we want to create a quilt together.

We are looking for possible designs or ideas that can be turned into a quilt design from the membership. As this is designed to be a group quilt, we need your input and help to make it happen. We’re hoping to have a design finalized and ready for the July meeting so that we can get working on the actual quilt. Designs and/or ideas need to be sent to Kristyn by June 26th so there’s time to discuss and share before the July meeting.

Help Needed!!!! – Tops available for quilting 

The guild has a backlog of donated tops that are in need of quilters to turn them into finished quilts. Quilting does not need to be fancy and this is a great way to practice free motion quilting or getting used to a new long arm. Quilt tops of all sizes are available and we can provide batting, backing fabric, and/or binding fabric upon request. If you would like to help, please email the sdmqgcharity gmail or talk to Kristyn at a meeting. 

Special Charity Opportunity – Gently Hugged 

Our contact and point person for this charity is Shelly Hoffman, [email protected] This effort is providing blankets and quilts for babies in need via social workers and nurses. This organization hands out about 60 care packages a month. Dimensions maximum – 45” x 30” 

No religious prints, sports prints, holidays, etc. 

Again, please work this through Shelly Hoffman directly, and not through Kristyn. 

Special Charity Opportunity – Cat Beds (Hadley Mendoza-Miklos)

We’ve donated 128 cat beds to date! Save your fabric scraps, batting, threads, and use all that debris as stuffing for much appreciated (by the cats) cat beds. Give our landfills a break, as well as the cats!

Coming Guild Events 

Next Sew-In: Sunday, June 25th at Quilt in a Day – 11am-3:45pm 

Next Meeting: Sunday, July 9th at 11:30am at Quilt in a Day (with Zoom viewing option). Stay after the meeting for sew-in time. *Please note the new start time*

Questions? – please email board at [email protected]

Written By: Dori Conboy

Posted By: Kristyn Jansen


QuiltCon Community Outreach Quilts: A Look Back

As we get ready for QuiltCon next week, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at the previous Community Outreach/Charity Challenge quilts that the guild has created over the years. We’ve participated every year that the challenge/QuiltCon has happened and there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make these quilts happen. For some of the older quilts, we don’t have as much information, but have tried to share as much as we could to tell about these quilts.

We’re looking forward to revealing more about this year’s quilt, once the show opens, but take a look at the quilts we’ve created for prior challenges.

2021 – Twists and Turns

  • Theme: Curves

In this unpredictable year of together apart, our members were challenged to create blocks of the same size using curved piecing and to use any technique that they would like to achieve the curved element in their block. They were not given any direction beyond “include at least one curved element.”

We did not know what these blocks would look like or how they would work together with such a broad prompt, but they came together to create flow and movement throughout the quilt. Though we’re not physically together to create, we’re many voices still able to make connection with a shared purpose.

2021 Community Outreach Quilt – “Twists and Turns”

We wrote more about this quilt and the process behind it on a blog post last year – check it out for more details about the quilt.

2020 – Welcome

  • Theme: Text

With member input, we decided on using the word “Welcome”, and it’s similar phrasing, in languages spoken in San Diego County. We researched the languages spoken here and came up with a list that members could choose from, as well as providing an option to help paper piece letters, patterned by Colleen Molen, to spell out “Welcome” and “Bienvenidos”. Members who sewed blocks for the languages were given fabric kits and instructed to create their block in any style that worked best for that particular language, as one method was not best suited for all languages. Blocks were created with various types of applique, pieced letters, embroidery, and even raised felt dots to create Braille letters.

The quilt top was assembled at a guild sew in with member assistance and input to the layout. Once complete, it was handed off to member Chris Broehmer for quilting and then back to our Charity Coordinator Kristyn Jansen for finishing and photographing before it needed to be mailed off.

This quilt was featured in the 2020 QuiltCon Magazine and even found at the entrance to the exhibit hall in Austin at the QuiltCon event.

2020 Community Outreach Quilt – “Welcome”

Text from our quilt statement:

San Diego is a culturally diverse community. The San Diego Modern Quilt Guild wanted our quilt to reflect our dynamic San Diego community as well as highlight our vital role as a border city. We have a strong cross-border relationship with Mexico and our city is known as a welcoming new home to residents who join us through the refugee and asylee process each year. We know that diversity makes us stronger and wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge the people that make San Diego such a wonderful place to live.

Our goal each year is for our Quiltcon Charity Challenge submission to be a collaborative project within our guild. We decided on the idea of the quilt as a committee and brain stormed early layout ideas. More than 32 members contributed to the piecing of the quilt. Final layout was decided as it was being assembled based on active feedback of guild members. We are very proud of this quilt and it wouldn’t be the same without the participation of so many of our guild members.

2019 – Float On

  • Theme: Small Piecing

Drawing inspiration from ocean waves, member Kristyn Jansen designed the overall look of the quilt. We asked guild members to create a block to contribute to the all over design in varying color pairings. The blocks were then grouped by color pairs and improv pieced together to create the look of ocean waves. The quilting was done by member Chris Broehmer, which added dimension, as well as movement throughout the quilt. The additional details she added also helped to bring out the overall vision for the quilt.

Members provided input on ideas for the quilt and then the overall look was designed by coordinator Kristyn Jansen. Members were given fabric kits of different color pairings. Quilt layout was worked on at guild sew-ins with member input and then final sewing of the sections was done separately.

2019 Community Outreach Quilt – “Float On”

2018 – Fragmental

  • Theme: Modern Traditionalism

Inspired by tangram puzzles, we used half-square triangles as our design starting point and then manipulated the size and relationship of each half-square triangle in order to create different shapes. Our design also moves away from true tangram puzzles, in which all pieces touch in some fashion to create a specific shape. The shape manipulation serves to provide interest and movement throughout the quilt. Blocks were produced by members in advance, based on the initial quilt drawing, and then assembled during a guild sew-in. SDMQG member Carrie Hanson (Gotcha Covered Quilting) took the design a step further with her quilting, which adds a secondary layer of movement to the finished quilt.

This quilt was designed by Kristyn Jansen. The overall design was broken up into sections and members sewed up their chosen section of the quilt. The finished quilt was one of the featured quilts on the lecture hall stage at QuiltCon 2018.

2018 Charity Challenge Quilt – “Fragmental”

2017 – Breaking Out

  • Theme: Scale

The San Diego MQG wanted to explore how scale could impact movement within a design. Inspired by colorful nine-patch quilts frequently seen, we decided to use a tweaked nine-patch as our base for experimenting with scale, resulting in rectangle 2×3 blocks instead of square blocks. Blocks were produced in advance, but final design and layout were done collaboratively during a guild sew-in. SDMQG member Gotcha Covered Quilting (Carrie Hanson) did an amazing job adding another layer of movement and texture with her quilting.

2017 Charity Challenge Quilt – “Breaking Out”

Jen Collins, who spearheaded this quilt, wrote all about it for the MQG blog. More about the process of this quilt and some additional photos can be found here:


  • Theme: Improv with Intent

For this quilt, members made improv slab blocks using the color palette plus white and grey. This quilt was quilted by Nancy Littlefield.

2016 Charity Challenge Quilt


  • Theme: Alternate Gridwork

Members were instructed to take a bag of strips in the designated colors and sew a 40” column between 4” and 10” wide with the strips sewn at an angle, starting and ending with white or grey. They could also include their own fabrics if they were “almost solid” and one of the colors.

2015 Charity Challenge Quilt


For the very first QuiltCon, each participating guild was given the QuiltCon color palette the freedom to make a twin sized quilt however we wanted. The finished quilts were all donated to a local Austin organization. We had members make blocks of their choosing and we ended up with enough blocks for two quilts! 

Written and Posted By: Kristyn Jansen


2021 QuiltCon Community Outreach Quilt

As QuiltCon Together has now officially come to a close, we thought we’d share our finished Community Outreach (formerly known as Charity) Quilt with everyone!

This year’s quilt presented a unique situation as we have all been apart due to the pandemic. So, with that in mind, we gave our members a very broad framework in which to make their blocks – minimum 9″ blocks with at least one curve and makers could use as many or as few of the included fabrics. Blocks could be created using any technique that the maker wanted to use. Chosen fabrics were cut, put into 2 block kits, and then mailed out to members who wanted to participate.

Blocks were made by 26 guild members and were all mailed back to our charity coordinator Kristyn Jansen who trimmed them all to the same size. They were then arranged and assembled into the quilt top by Jen Collins, Colleen Molen, and Kristyn at a distanced sew day. We then handed off the quilt to member Chris Broehmer who longarm quilted it for us. It then went back to Kristyn to be trimmed, faced, and then photographed for submission.

San Diego MQG 2021 QuiltCon Community Outreach Quilt (Front)

Quilt Statement:

San Diego Modern Quilt Guild – “Twists and Turns”

In this unpredictable year of together apart, our members were challenged to create blocks of the same size using curved piecing and to use any technique that they would like to achieve the curved element in their block. They were not given any direction beyond “include at least one curved element.”

We did not know what these blocks would look like or how they would work together with such a broad prompt, but they came together to create flow and movement throughout the quilt. Though we’re not physically together to create, we’re many voices still able to make connection with a shared purpose.

Quilt Details
Quilt Back and Facing Detail

Written and posted by: Kristyn Jansen


QuiltCon 2021 Group Quilt

The 2021 QuiltCon Community Outreach (formerly charity) Quilt has been planned and was announced at this past Sunday’s guild meeting. If you missed the initial post from the MQG, this year’s theme is curves. The chosen color palette is in blues and oranges and the following is the palette we have chosen to use for our quilt:

We are asking members to make 9″ unfinished blocks (a little larger is ok as those can be trimmed down) that contain at least one curved element in the block. You can use any technique to make the block: pieced/template, improv, applique, ect. The block can be machine or hand sewn, depending on your preference or technique choice. Here are a few examples:

If you want to join in, but maybe haven’t sewn curves before (or need a refresher) or aren’t sure where to start, make sure to sign into your Member Account on The Modern Quilt Guild site and click on the “For MQG Members” tab. Under that tab is a link that says “Patterns, Webinars, & Articles” and there are some great webinar videos on curve sewing.

How to Get Involved:

  • We have block fabric kits available for members to sew up. Each kit will make two blocks that are 9″ unfinished.
  • You must commit to sewing and returning the blocks by the week of the October meeting – week of October 11th.
  • Limited amount of kits are available, so if you’re interested, let us know as soon as possible!

If you’re interested in sewing up some blocks for this group project, please email Kristyn at [email protected] – let her know that you’re interested in sewing up a kit and include your address so that she can mail the block kit off to you. Other questions about this project or any other charity questions can be sent to her as well.