Charity Program FAQ

The FAQs below have been designed to answer questions about what we do and how to get involved.

Do we have a Charity Committee to run this program?

Yes! The SDMQG Charity Committee leads the guild’s charity effort and is led by its Chair. The Committee meets during the year as needed to plan group projects and select featured charities.

Who can be on the SDMQG Charity Committee?

Any dues-paying member can participate on the Charity Committee.

Are there any participation requirements?

Charity Challenge Sew-In

Charity Challenge Sew-In

If you are interested in our charitable efforts, you can participate! There are no specific donation requirements. Members can participate when you can, how you can. We all have different strengths and skills to offer the charity program.

Can I participate if I can’t commit to being on the Charity Committee?

Absolutely. There are many opportunities to participate in the SDMQG charity program. You can make a block for our group projects, donate a completed quilt, donate supplies or even help out during our sew-in. You can also let us know if you are interested in tasks like binding or sewing labels. All of these tasks can be done on an as-needed basis, so there’s no commitment beyond each task.


Charity Quilt Binding

I would love to contribute to the charity program, but I don’t have any extra money right now. Can I still help?

Not only can you help by making blocks for our group projects, you can help during out sew-in get those blocks, backings and bindings put together. Like to quilt or bind? Offer to help finish one of the group projects.

You can also contact the Chair of the Charity Committee to see if you can check out a Grab and Go quilt kit! When charity stash allows, we put together easy to use quilt kits containing everything you need to finish a project for our featured charities. All you need to provide is your time!


How can I contribute if I don’t have any time to make blocks or quilts to donate?

There are many ways to contribute to the charity program and all are needed to make this program a success! Is outreach your thing? Maybe you can help facilitate communication with a charity. We also take fabric donations. We will put your donations to good use in our group projects or quilt kits. Finally, share your ideas!

What charities or organizations does the SDMQG support?

The SDMQG selects charities and organizations that serve our local community. We make every attempt to select a variety of charities during the year to maximize our ability to give back. We also make an effort to support adults and children during the year. We keep an on-going list of charities in the SDMQG member forums, which includes information about our featured charities as well as other organizations we support and their quilt requirements.

Can I tag my charity pictures and projects on social media?

Use the hashtag: #sdmqgcharity

Who can I ask if I have any questions?

Please send any inquiries to

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