Time to turn in those charity quilts!

First quilt delivery to the Polinsky Center

Ready to add to the 44 quilts we already donated to the Polinsky Children’s Center? Bring your finished quilt to Sunday’s April meeting!

Still need a little more time? Come to our Charity “Finishing Party” Sunday, April 30th from 10-3 at Quilt in a Day. Help sew on labels and bindings, or whatever else you need to finish up your quilt! It will be a pot luck event like last time.

The quilts donated last month¬†were met with a very warm welcome. The coordinator planned to wheel them directly over to the kids, so they could each pick one out! This center sees a lot of kids each year and their need is ongoing. Let’s continue to help the kids in our community feel a little reassured and comforted during a scary and unsettling time.

Special thanks again to the Warm Company who donated a role of batting to our efforts!

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